New track airing from Germany’s Porta Nigra

German Black Metallers Porta Nigra have unleashed another track from their upcoming new album Schöpfungswut, their third full-length which will be released on January 17th 2020 via Soulseller Records.

While musically Schöpfungswut isn’t considered to be “comparable to its eclectic predecessors”, the album is said to still contain lyrical traces of their decadent and fin de siècle-inspired atmosphere, which the outfit became known for. Production was handled by Markus Stock.

Full tracklist:
1. Die Kosmiker
2. Das Rad des Ixion
3. Die Augen des Basilisken
4. Die Entweihung von Freya
5. Unser Weg nach Elysium
6. Schöpfungswut

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