New album from Memoria available for free download from Misantrof Antirecords

Vrangsinn’s Misantrof ANTIRecords today release the third album from Australian black metallers Memoria.  The album, entitled ‘Death Calls The Islands’, will be available both on CD and as a free high-quality MP3 download from


Memoria have moved away from the experimental noise focus of 2008’s ‘Memorioquia: Auradeutung’, with the band describing their latest effort as “a guitar-driven album that is simultaneously beautiful and ugly”.


Band founder Jonathan Carroll (guitars, vocals, sound design, synthesiser) says of the partnership with Misantrof; “To be part of an evolving, independent artistic entity such as Misantrof fits perfectly with our values. We create music because we love this art form and no one in Memoria wanted this tainted by the nastiness of financial or commercial considerations.  Misantrof surpasses pathetic considerations about how to sell things that are genuinely different”.


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