Veterans of Polish death/black metal scene NEOLITH, who started the band back in 1991, have recently self-released a promo CD featuring three now songs. Dubbed “Iter Ad Inferni”, the outing is supposed to serve its purpose as a teaser for Neolith’s fourth full-length studio album “Infernalism”, which the band plan to record during the freezing moons of Winter.


The band’s vocalist Levi takes his word on the forthcoming album: “The time has come to unveil a bit of the mystery… As you will be able to hear yourselves, the new tracks are far more advanced, aggressive and brutal when compared to Neolith’s earlier recordings. Lyrics-wise, we have once again challenged ourselves to create a concept album. The story unfolds with a number of manuscripts found in a mysterious monastery. Straight and clear at the first sight, the scrolls appear to be heretic and misleading when approached more intently, creating a deeper meaning and message – hidden between the lines among generic misconceptions.
We are strongly inviting you to familiarize with the new face of Neolith”.


“Iter Ad Inferni” has been made available for streaming via Poland’s very own Musick Magazine.

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