Poland’s Agonia Records have set June 26th as the release date of the new, second album from the Swedish oldschool death metal followers NECROVATION. The follow up to 2008’s debut “Breed Deadness Blood” reportedly marks a swift improvement over the band’s previous raw death metal style, with more classical and heavy metal influences and is strongly recommended for those who dig early Metallica, Entombed, the idea of Morbid Angel or the rawness of Repugnant combined with the obscurity of  Kaamos.


“In just a couple of weeks our new album will be available in Europe, and just a little later in the States. We have decided that there will be no pre-listening or mp3 previews or any of such business. On June 26th (EU official release date) there will be one track available at Agonia’s website. In this way the ones who have pre-ordered will have the chance to hear the album first in its whole. I don’t know if anybody cares, anyhow, that’s how it is”, told ZT the band’s frontman Sebastian.
“It’s been a tumbling year producing this album, and it feels great that it will soon be available to the ones wanting to hear it, but yet a little disturbing that it will be available… it’s been an energy consuming and intimate production, feels strange to release such intimacy for the outside, the inside being the band, Gustav who recorded it and Jonathan who has done the artwork/layout.
I can’t go in to details, but this album has taught us a lot about how to not record an album. The stakes has been too high. Don’t get me wrong, every time I listen to the final product, I can reclaim equal if not more power than the one I/we put in to the process.
Get ready, the 26th is soon!”


1. Necrovorous Insurrection
2. Dark Lead Dead
3. Pulse of Towering Madness
4. Commander of Remains
5. New Depths
6. Sepulchreal
7. Resurrectionist
8. The Transition
9. Ill Mouth Madness (The Many)

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