For the past few months, Berlin’s premier deathdoom command Necros Christos have been going through major line-up changes. A replacement for drummer Raelin Iakhu, who left the band in November (after five years with NC), has been found in Ibán Hernández (also of Spanish, Hamburg-dwelling, thrash metal lot Clockwork). The band’s website commented:


“The order of Necros Christos proudly announces that a new drummer has been found in person of mister Iban Hernandez. His powerful and skillful playing will add new dimensions in sound, especially regarding the upcoming new songs for the final record.”


In less uplifting news, long-term bassist Black Shepherd ov Doom, who spoke to ZT about the band’s future in our current #50, has also left the fold. He will now focus on his own project, Drowned.


“Darkness casts its shadows and so we sadly have to proclaim that longtime member, friend, bass player and visual mastermister shepherd will quit his musical activities in Necros Christos


“Shepherd belonged to the band since its first live offerings back in 2005 and his playing and personality will be sadly missed. Nevertheless, all remaining new and old members of Necros Christos respect his decision up to 100% and wish him, his family and his band all the best for the future.”


The band are now looking for a new bass OR guitar player:


“Due to this, we are now looking for a new bass player or alternatively, just in case somebody suitable can be found, a new second rhythm and lead guitarist taking over mors dalos ras part who in turn could take over bass duties. Candidates should be able to attend rehearsals in Berlin on a regular basis. So all sisters and brethren playing bass and/or guitar, please contact necros christos for auditions.”


ZT wishes them the best of luck with their search.


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