Necro Ritual, whose live appearances are the black metal equivalent of a punch in the face, went through a period of silence following the departure of long-time bassist Mezentius. These English gentlemen are now gearing up again, targeting both the live arena and the recording studio.


Following the departure of bass-player Mezentius, Necro Ritual temporarily ceased all activities (for further information, see our interrogation with the band).


“We have spent the time we have been forced to take off writing a lot of new material and a new release is in our sights in the not too distant future. Prepare for War” their facebook post announced.


We caught up with screamer Corseth to see how the successor to 2010’s Nerthus’ Demise is shaping up: “The music that has come out of this period of forced-confinement we have been stuck in has made every single day worth it. The compositions for the next album are almost complete and soon ready to record. It is darker, more evolved and a more complete release than ever. More details and previews are to come soon!” Corseth informs us and gets salivary glands working.


Necro Ritual are now working with a new bassist. The Anglo-Satanic Black Metal will recommence live activities on 15 August 2014, with their appearance at the Inner Awakening Fest in Szeged, Hungary. Get your teeth sharpened!

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