Nechochwen are releasing a limited edition MLP in February. Entitled ‘Light The Fires’, this will be available exclusively on vinyl via Bindrune Recordings. The band have just completed the recording and mastering process at Sacred Sound Studio, and is meant to appease the fans as they plough forth and throw all efforts into their third album follow-up to 2010 release ‘Azimuths To The Otherworld’.


According to the bands Facebook page; “Ancestry, heritage, classical and metal unite for one of the most passionate pieces of music you will hear this year. With a style that embraces the beautiful acoustic work found on Nechochwen’s debut, “Algonkian Mythos”, and by diving even further into the metal themes and emotions that permeated the amazing “Azimuths to the Otherworld”, the new Nechochwen is a vibrant chapter into a much larger world for Nechochwen.”


Visit the band on their brand new Facebook page!


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