Having released their debut album, Exhumation Requiem, in January 2017, Spanish deathgrinders Nasty Surgeons are back with a new album including 11 songs that should tick the boxes for fans of bands like old Carcass, Necrony, Exhumed, The County Medical Examiners, and General Surgery.

The band have revealed a video clip as the second advance single for their upcoming release. Infectious Stench, which is set to see the light on 5 July 2018 through Dave Rotten’s label Xtreem Music.

So without further ado, put your sandwich down and watch the blood-soaked video for ‘The Lobotomist’ below. And if you like what you’re listening to, then head over to the label’s Bandcamp page and check out them and their other artists.

Infectious Stench tracklist:
1. Ex Putrefactione Generati
2. Smell the Carcass
3. Infectious Stench
4. Subdural Haematoma
5. Impaled Crucified and Beheaded
6. Forensic Necrophilia
7. The Lobotomist
8. In Peaces
9. (a) Mouth to Anus
9. (b) Infernal Bacterial Infection
9. (b) Dr Death

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