Moribund signs California’s avant-garde bm project HAERESIARCHS OF DIS

Today sees Moribund Records announce their signing of HAERESIARCHS OF DIS, the one-man black metal project that resides in the woods of Lexington Hills, California (that’s a story for later). Formed by Cernunnos, HoD produces underground black metal bearing avant-garde, ambient, and melodic elements; imagery and lyrical content are derived from misanthropic and anti-Christian ideologies with undercurrents of Indo-European mythology.

The band has notched up three releases to date including 2008’s debut full-length ‘Overture’, 2010’s Dis mini-CD of reissued older material – both via the Toadstool Enterprises label – and the soon to be released second full-length ‘Denuntiatus Cinis’, which will see the light of day on 12 October through US black cult label Moribund Records.

Cacophonous and orchestral, dissonant and magisterial, raging one minute and reposed the next, amorphous yet firmly defined;  HAERESIARCHS OF DIS’s ‘Denuntiatis Cinis’ is an epic, envelope-pushing exploration of black metal aesthetics, warns the label’s spokesperson. The label promises that ‘Denuntiatis Cinis’ takes black metal down complex corridors, with each turn more twisted than the next, challenges the listener’s perceptions of what black metal can comprise whilst ignoring the rulebook altogether. We’ve been told to forget “post-black metal” but to remember HAERESIARCHS OF DIS. Strong words, granted, but words we have faith in.

‘Denuntiatus Cinis’s tracklisting goes a little something like this:
1. Entry | 2. Intent the Proem | 3. The Respite | 4. Intent Canticle | 5. Intent the Augury | 6. Bemoan the Fallen | 7. Median Existere | 8. Nine Days They Fell | 9. Intent Concupiscence | 10. Ad Baculum | 11. Intent the Succedaneum | 12. Passage | 13. Intent Postremo Enclosure Orsorum | 14. Exeunt

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