Ghost WatchPopular preachers of Lucifer, Sweden’s Ghost, seem to be one of those arena-rock bands with a love for bizarre merchandise. Remember the plastic phallus / Pope Emeritus? Now they have a watch on the market!


Ghost collaborated with Vannen Watches to produce a watch that reflects the spirit of the band (and maybe hints to their hit-song Monstrance Clock). The real news is that the watch sold out in 8 minutes! As a result, a second version of the watch was produced, for more believers to get their hands on. Obviously pleased, Vannen Watches sent out the following message:


“The limited edition Vannen x Ghost watch has sold out even faster than expected, and Papa Emeritus II approves of your devotion. To reward your faithfulness, The Great Adversary has asked us to release an alternate color edition of the Ghost watch, also limited to only 150 pieces. For the true believers who missed the first release, and the collectors who must have both, this alternate edition is available for pre-order now. As with the first edition, a few random watches will be shipped with watch packaging sleeves that have been signed and blessed by Papa Emeritus II.”



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