Keeping up with the Melvins insatiable and almost compulsive release schedule, is somewhat of a chore these days. It seems the band’s lust for yet more new material will finally be slaked (in a limited capacity) by the forthcoming EP ‘The Bulls and the Bees’ which will be available to download via Scion A/V this coming Tuesday (13/03/12.)


The band have been streaming various tracks (from the soon to be released record) via a host of outlets and the latest, entitled ‘National Hamster’ can be checked out via Noisecreep. Seasoned and somewhat inspirational tub-thumper/multi-instrumentalist Dale Crover ditched sticks and skins for a guitar (and a pencil?!) on the new track, stating, “We had lots of fun with the vocals on this one. Also, it’s the first time I ever played guitar with a pencil. Probably the first time anyone’s played guitar with a pencil! Whatever works though, right?”


As if this wasn’t enough Melvins action to cram down your lug-holes, the band are in the throws of recording for yet another release, due on June 5th! This second full- length offering, will feature the bass playing talents of Trevor Dunn (currently also recording with Tomahawk.) The album, entitled ‘Freak Puke’ will be released under the moniker Melvins Lite due to the omission of Big Business duo Jared Warren and Coady Willis.


If you’re out of breath after all that, you can wind down by visiting the band’s Facebook page.


Alternatively, if that merely wetted your appetite for more insanity, you can fry a multitude of your brain cells here:

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