Polish black metal newcomers MEDICO PESTE have now announced they will release their debut full-length “א: Tremendum et Fascinans” via their countryfellow label Malignant Voices. The album is due out September.


The band’s vocalist Silencer issued ZT with an exclusive statement on the CD: “The debut album is a big leap forward comparing to the demo, both in terms of music and vocals. While ‘Graviora Manent’ was fully composed by the bands guitarists, the album is a collective work by all members. I think that it made the new material varied and each particular song having a lot to offer to the listener. Fans of Mayhem and French black metal might be particularly interesterd in ‘א: Tremendum et Fascinans’, as those remain our main inspirations”.


The title-song off the album is available for streaming at THIS LOCATION.


The tracklisting is as follows:

I The Great Illumination

II Livid (Kill Yourself or Die Trying)

III Thanksgiving

IV Meanwhile in Gehinnom…

V Tremendum et Fascinans

VI I Wither Without Your Grace

VII The Sigil

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