Dutch dealers in high octane metal Massive Assault will release their second full-length album “Death Strike” via Germany’s FDA Rekotz, due out this Spring.


The band’s vocalist Carl issued ZT with an exclusive statement: “The album will contain 10 tracks of Death Metal with a heavy dose of Boss HM-2 chainsaw guitar madness and some serious D-Beat pounding. We believe that we have succeeded to maintain the energetic vibe we are known for while playing on stage, but with the advantage of recording we also added extra (guitar) layers into the sound.
Most of the lyrics are about ‘struggles’, may it be internally or during battle. This is also depicted on the killer artwork Gijs van Hal ( did for us.
All in all we are very satisfied with both the recordings and the artwork. Massive Assault will appeal to those who like the old Death Metal masters, but also to those who are into Crustpunk and Hardcore. So keep yer eyes open for our upcoming album called ‘Death Strike’!”


More info on the band is available at THIS LOCATION.

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