London’s popular rock and metal pub The Hobgoblin (a.k.a The Devonshire Arms) could soon be no more. Totally out of control of current tenant Dylan Cole the pub has now been put on the open market.


“We had the tenancy for the last three months while Enterprise Inns were renegotiating things.


“And I just expected to get the tender for the lease because we’ve been very good with paying our rent. Then last week I got an email that just came out of the blue, saying the freehold was being sold. I was a bit stunned shall we say, because it made sense to give it to me.”


Given the high demand for property in the trendy Camden area, we should all hope for the best… the last thing London needs is another fancy wine bar (facing a Sainsbury’s parking lot). With SOHO Intrepid Fox and Garlic & Shots turning into Yuppie/cityboy central and the Crobar filled to the rim, the loss of Camden’s only metal bar would leave a massive hole in metal nightlife.


Source: Camden Journal (how dare you call us goths!?)

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