London’s favorite indoor fest Live Evil is back! Hosted at the Tufnell Park Dome in London 16 October – 18 October – ZT was eager to find out what to expect from this year’s metal assault.

ZT: Who are some of your personal highlights on this year’s billing?

Too many, it’s my fave year overall yet no joke. But I know Bulldozer are going to smash Sat night’s balls off, and Chaos UK on the same day is going to kick off. Mortuary Drape on Sunday are going to slay too. I can’t believe we got Stray to play and I can’t wait for Battleaxe and Tygers of Pan Tang who are AMAZING right now, perfection live. We’re really fussy every band is a master of their craft!

ZT: The fest will happen in The Dome by Tufnell Park – why this venue? Will both stages be used and if so how do you avoid bad clashes?

It’s family owned, huge, has a great atmosphere and now vastly improved stages, sound and backstage areas. The courtyard makes it for me, and year we have both stages open and barely any overlaps, it’s designed for a good time and open until 3am Fri and Sat. Plus we have cheaper food and more stalls inc. Bob Moon’s killer HM nic-nacs to keep you entertained and off the streets!

ZT: Are there any wild cards you can recommend? Which bands do you expect to come as a complete surprise to us mostly well informed punters?

Mindless Sinner are an early ’80s Swedish act and are original lineup and total HM perfection much like Satan. Younger Swedes Helvetets Port are one of fave band due to their fantastic songs and lyrics and are – alongside Deathhammer perhaps the only modern band to be rightfully cult act for various reasons, mainly their longevity and quality.

ZT: Any plans to ever move the fest outdoors? Or does this blend of metal just work better in a indoor location?

That would be the dream for me but festivals are a very tough thing to make work. If you enjoy festivals like this please support us. We bleed for 6 months to try and break even it’s mental.

ZT: Where can we get tickets?

Go to The Dome website or

ZT: Any final words?

I get told a lot it’s the best festival in the World and I wouldn’t argue, but we need people to get tickets so come, hang out, say hi and watch the best 22 bands around! Heavy Metal Mayhem or your money back!


Thanks for dropping in!

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