We’ve joined forces with Pelagic Records | CZ! Promotions to give you the opportunity to listen to the entire new album from Sydney’s Lo!, which is due for release this Friday. 

Having caused quite a stir with their music video in which vocalist Sam Dillon is depicted as a vicious creature emerging from a vat of shiny pink goo, in front of an otherwise completely black background, Lo! have returned with a brand new full-length. According to the band’s spokespeople, a world where politics resemble black comedies, where guns have become an aspect of culture and where addiction to technology is the norm is at the lyrical heart of Vestigial. Pink goo man Dillon enlightens us further: “There are several repeated characters throughout the album; the Judas Steer, the Locust Christ… these are anti-heroes, the wolves among sheep figuratively. The ghastly Donald Trumps, the extremists and ignorant tyrants of our modern lives.”

Hm. We think it’s probably time to stop talking and to take a listen to Vestigial, don’t you?

Full Tracklist:
1. Hall Of Extinct Mammals
2. As Fools Ripen
3. Glutton
4. Locust Christ
5. Butcher Birds
6. Bombardier
7. A Tiger Moth’s Shadow
8. Judas Steer
9. Bestial Beginnings
10. The Worms Lament
11. Gods Of Ruin

We’re also able to share a video clip for the track ‘Locust Christ’ which was shot in one day in Sydney and directed and produced by Lo! bass player Adrian Shapiro with a small crew, including member of Oscar winning company Odd Studio who created the disturbing prosthetics. Odd recently won an Oscar for Mad Max Fury Road.

Adrian says: “I set myself some rules for the shoot including that I wanted to shoot everything from the back of the car to increase the claustrophobia and be purely focused on the couple. We had minimal camera position changes and I wanted to do as much of the effects work in camera so basically what you’re seeing is what we’ve shot with a bit of tidy up. I also chose to shoot it in the day as I felt that it made the whole reveal even stranger. The song is unrelenting and I liked the juxtaposition of the regular couple driving their car and then seeing their primal transition starting with a kiss and finally merging together by the end of the clip in the same car.”

Lo! is:
Carl Whitbread
Sam Dillon
Adrian Griffin
Adrian Shapiro

You can order a copy of the album at this location, and if you didn’t get to see the video mentioned earlier, here it is in all its pink gooey glory. Enjoy!

Thanks for dropping in!

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