As previously reported roughly two weeks ago, Jaz Coleman, frontman of Killing Joke, was ‘missing’ according to the band.  Following postings that appeared on the band’s Facebook page announcing that all UK shows with The Mission and The Cult were cancelled, the band had posted another message stating that they had made no such decision and that Coleman was AWOL and no one in the band was able to contact him with concern for his welfare strongly expressed.


Today, the band was happy to announce that coleman had surfaced in the Western Sahara region of Africa where he was working on the completion of a few of his projects.  Additionally, the posting that announced the tour cancellation appeared to be fraudulent.


The official announcement reads:


Jaz Coleman, alive and kicking in the Western Sahara.


to the relief of family and freiends, Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman appeared today from his retreat in the Western Sahara bemused by all the fuss of his disappearance.  “I’ve been finishing my book and writing the score for my new project – (The Nirvana Symphonic) – (laughs), what’s all the fuss about then?”


Coleman had apparently been living a nomadic existence for the last month in the desert in order to concentrate on finishing his two current projects.  Nirvana looks like becoming a TV show and a concert in Seattle in 2013 and the book and an exclusive Coleman album will be packaged together and available for order as early as next week.


International media picked up on the story last week, sending it global, from the press release announced by the band on the Killing Joke Official Facebook site questioning his whereabouts.  Fans from around the world have been more than proactive in their opinions – from random sightings in Christchurch New Zealand, to past recollections of his elusive behaviors in Iceland.


Yet mystery still surrounds the message on Facebook regarding The Cult and The Mission Shows of which Coleman claims no knowledge.  ‘Looks like this has caused a right ding dong and feel it’s impossible to continue this tour under the circumstances.’  His comments were to wish both The Cult and The Mission the best of luck on the tour, and to find out who has been impersonating him.


In other Killing Joke news the group’s bassist, Martin “Youth” Glover, has completed dub mixes of Killing Joke’s classic songs, which will soon be available to fans.  The band commented “Killing Joke have been releasing ‘dub’ mixes and dance remixes of their songs since the late 70’s and pioneered the genre for the mash up of rock, metal, dub, and electronic dance.  Youth, also one of the early pioneers of remix culture from the 80’s, alongside Andrew Weatheral and Adrian Sherwood, have been fusing bass heavy dub mixes into alt rock and mainstream music.  Youth has selected some classic treasures from the KJ vaults and has attacked a few tracks from teh last two albums as well for this triple volume of Dub mixes.  Including mixes from Nine Inch Nails to Sprial Tribe and longtime KJ mix engineer Clive Goddard and Geordie going into the industrial dub ring for some mighty epic dragon dub slaying.”


The track listings for the three albums consists of:



  1. This World Hell – Youth Dub Mix
  2. Money is Not Our God – Youth Dub Mix
  3. Love Like Blood – Youth Dub Mix
  4. European Superdub – Youth Dub Mix
  5. Ghosts of Ladbrooke Grove – Clive Goddard Dub Mix
  6. Depth Charge – Youth Dub Mix
  7. A Sixth Sun – Youth Dub Mix
  8. Pole Shift – Geordie and Clive Goddard Mix
  9. Tomorrow’s World – Youth Dub Mix
  10. The Raven King – Youth Dub Mix
  11. ESS – Orb VS Youth Mix
  12. Absolute Dissent – Geordie and Clive Goddard Dub Mix
  13. Corporate Elect – Youth Dub Mix


KJ IN DUB (Dancehall)

  1. Change – Spiral Tribe Mix
  2. In Cytheria – Bloody Beetroots Remix
  3. Seeing Red – Jagz Kooner Remix
  4. Democracy – Nine Inch Nails Remix
  5. ESS – Youth Remix
  6. Savage Freedom – UX Remix
  7. Whiteout – (The Intellect is Ugly) Mandra Gora Remix
  8. Love Like Blood – Deedrah Remix
  9. In Cytheria – Banda Remix
  10. ESS – J.Zoomba Industrial Remix
  11. Jana – Hallucinogen Remix
  12. Stations of the Sun – Hallucinogen Remix
  13. Pandemonium – Man With No Name Remix



  1. Requiem – A Floating Leaf Always Reaches the Sea Mix
  2. Pandemonium – A Thread of Steel in the Suspension Bridge of Time and Space Mix
  3. Another Cult Goes Down – Portobello Mix
  4. Killer – Dub (AKA Bread and Jam)
  5. Democracy – The Orb Russian Tundra Mix
  6. Democracy – Waxworth Industries Mix
  7. Pandemonium – Nu-Clear Shredded Fibres Mix

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