Jon Leon new White Wizzard line-up Marathon of Dreams


Jon Leon new White Wizzard line-up Marathon of DreamsWell, here’s tenacity for you. Jon Leon, the beleaguered bass player and sole constant member of White Wizzard since the retro-styled LA metal band was formed in 2007, has just announced the group’s latest lineup.


As usual, Jon Leon will be handling the low-end in White Wizzard MkVIII, and he’ll be joined by: Jon Leon on lead guitar, Jon Leon on rhythm guitar and…Jon Leon on vocals. Oh, and drummer Devin Lebsack (who you can watch performing with Hed (PE) here).


Yes, a mere five months on from the Devil’s Cut lineup of the band’s implosion in a blizzard of angry Facebook posts, Leon has decided to forge ahead more or less alone, at least for now.  Indeed, the new-look White Wizzard released its first single on March 18th too: a speedy Maiden-esque rocker called Marathon of Dreams (which you can listen to on Bandcamp here).


In a statement made on Facebook earlier this evening, Leon revealed just who was in White Wizzard when this new track was recorded: “So the cat is out of the bag…..Jon Leon is now singing as well! The new song is out now. Track credits as follows:


Jon Leon-Vocals, Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Bass guitar

Devin Lebsack-Drums and Percussion

Jacky Vincent (Falling in Reverse) -2nd guitar solo”


Assuming that both Jacky and Devin stick around after this single, they’ll be respectively (and somewhat remarkably) the 18th and 19th members to have joined the band in its 7-year history.  “White Wizzard is my band,” Leon said in a statement at the end of last year, addressing the dissolution of the group’s last incarnation. “When it comes to the serious shit, artistic and business side, it’s my way or the highway. Always has been, always will [be].”


At least he’s being consistent; unless he develops multiple personality disorder, this lineup of White Wizzard should suit him fine and dandy.

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