IstenSvart Records has announced the forthcoming release of the Isten fanzine anthology, titled Don’t Break the Ghost. Written by the man behind Isten, Mikko Mattila, along with Janne Sarna and Professor Black, the 800-page hardcover book is scheduled for a late September 2014 release.


Isten was founded by Mikko Mattila in 1984 in Tampere, Finland. Throughout the years it earned a reputation for its unflinching views and uncompromising attitude.


“Don’t Break the Ghost tells the full story and hides none of the evidence” the press release informs us. “In addition to careful reproductions of nearly all of Isten’s issues in their entirety, the book features over 60 pages of artifacts from the Isten archives, including unpublished interviews, handwritten letters, and never-before-seen photos. Mikko’s personal narrative throughout the book offers a glimpse into the human machinery of Isten and its unprecedented dedication to 30 years of heavy metal fanaticism.”


“We’re extremely pleased to be working with SVART,” said Mikko. “It is important to do this right, and to do it right now. There’s only going to be a diehard edition. It’ll besvart and heavy.”  Professor Black added, “SVART’s commitment to excellence in presentation and complete trust of their artists’ creative vision have us very excited indeed to see the finished product.”

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