Introducing the Czech Republic’s The Inhibitor

The Inhibitor have joined us with an uninhibited hybrid track on the brand new issue of Zero Tolerance…. so what better time to get to know them better?

ZT: Who are you and from where do you hail?
TI: We are The Inhibitor from small town Hranice in Czech Republic. Our band consists of five members: Marek Angelovic and Patrik Balint on guitar, Roman Guzalovic on drums, Jaroslav Kucera as a lead singer and Jan Rossner on bass and synths. When it comes to band name, inhibitor is a chemical substance that slows a reaction. Metaphorically it can be used as the inhibitor that we all build in our minds that slows us from reaching our life goals or dreams. For example some say they don’t have time, some need more money to reach the goal, some are afraid to leave the job they hate to start living their lives, and that’s the inhibitor which is meant to be catalysed because it’s never too late. Better start right now than regret it during the last days of our lives. That’s why [we’re named] The Inhibitor.

Where are you going musically? Is there a lyrical /aesthetic concept?
When it comes to the music genre, we would go with EDM metal. It could sound like a strange combination to mash-up electronic dance music with metal, but anyway from our point of view it’s senseless (with all honour to all colleague musicians) to play genres of metal that have existed for more than two or three decades; all you can give is just some kind of variation of music you have already heard somewhere else. Music needs to be evolved so that’s why we try new combinations and try to combine the raw aggressive sound of guitars with elements of EDM music. When it comes to lyrics, album The End Is Hear, released in December 2019, was dedicated to two main themes. The first theme is about reflecting the world’s greed, jealousy and ignorance. Many people make their life on social networks more important than their real lives, the greatest business in the world is still war and military industry and humankind still couldn’t find a way not to repeat the mistakes that we have made over and over for centuries. The second theme is about supporting people in living their lives. We are very glad for every listener that we can encourage to make a life, that would be a beautiful adventure. There is only one chance in this life to fulfil it with purpose – that’s what the album The End Is Hear is about.

How do you think you differ from your contemporaries and who are they? Who / what influences your music?
We would say that there are two groups of metal bands. One, who try to fit in some kind of genre and another, that tries new variations and combinations. With the first we don’t have much in common, just the metal, but with the second group we [don’t] differ at all, and that’s the point of what music should be about; originality, a band with its own face, and we fully respect all musicians that try new ways.

Why did you select the track included on the ZT covermount to represent you? Tell us a little bit about it; how does it fit in with the rest of your album?
So, the song is called ‘Till I’m Alive’ and it should highlight the fact that it is not necessary to listen to any advice from others who don’t support us in our diversity. It’s easy to belong to some kind of religion, political stance, social groups, etc. But in this way is not always the freedom we could achieve. From our point of view the greatest freedom we can get is to do what we truly want in life – not what is expected to be done by us. There’s a huge difference between living the life we have and just overliving it. That belongs to the second main theme of the album that we mentioned before.

Tell us about The Inhibitor’s recording process – completely DIY or…?
When it comes to recording, whole album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Wendel Dreiseitl in Czech BOMB JACK studio. Without him we wouldn’t have such a great sound for every instrument, and most of all the final sound of every track. You can easily judge by yourself in the song ‘Catalyze The Inhibitor’.

Do you play live / have you any dates coming up?
In spring we have few months off to concentrate on music videos but in summer and autumn are planned concerts in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, so far. We organise events No Borders for other bands in these locations, so if any band is interested, do not hesitate to write to !

Do you have an ultimate plan / goal for the band? Are you planning any new recordings etc.?
The main goal is just simple: work harder and harder. There are many combinations that we haven’t even explored and everything can be better and improved; not frozen in one point. For autumn/winter 2021 we plan the next album, and at this time we have already started to prepare guitar riffs and some EDM stuff for that.

How can ZT readers hear more?
The End Is Hear is already on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal, Deezer and other stores. Or you can easily follow us on our website, or to get the latest news. Just stay tuned and don’t forget to catalyze. 😊

Band name: The Inhibitor
Formed: 2018
Origin: Hranice, Czech Republic
Current release: The End Is Hear (Dec 2019)

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