Live shows – Orange Goblin seemingly live for them. Zero Tolerance caught up with front-man Ben Ward to discuss their appearances at Hellfest and Bloodstock this summer, as well as their latest record ‘A Eulogy for the Damned’ and other commitments.


ZT: Firstly, congrats on the new record earlier this year, word on the grapevine is you have a special edition coming out?


BW: Thank you. You are correct, there will be a special edition coming out on the 14th May. This will be a 2 disc version of the album and comes in a nice ‘book’ style package. The first disc has the full album plus a cover of the Black Sabbath classic ‘Symptom of the Universe’. The second disc is a DVD that features the video for the track ‘Red Tide Rising’ plus documentary stuff and live footage.


ZT:You guys have a well earned live reputation (I remember a particularly smoke-filled, second stage performance at Donnington a few years ago, that was pretty intense) and you have a fair few dates coming up, what does the rest of  the summer schedule look like for Orange Goblin? Any other dates in the pipeline?


BW: We’ve just completed a UK tour and been over to Croatia, Switzerland and Berlin and now we are gearing up for festival season, which kicks off at the Morrowfest in Nottingham on 13th May. We then head to Madrid to play at Sonisphere Spain alongside Metallica, Soundgarden and Slayer, so that’s a bit exciting! The whole summer is full of festivals all over Europe so we’re gonna be busy boys!


ZT:Hellfest and Bloodstock are two festivals you’ve played before, what can people expect from you guys this year?


BW: We’ll be playing a set that mixes the old with the new. We always go out with the intention of putting on the best show that we possibly can whether it’s in front of 20 people or 10,000 and at festivals it’s really easy to get the adrenaline pumping and get into it. We intend to be loud, aggressive and have a good time. I think we are perfect for festivals as we’re a band that people should get drunk and bang their heads to!


ZT:What do you love most about playing festivals? Any particular favourite memories from either Hellfest or Bloodstock, that you don’t mind sharing?


BW: I suppose the best thing about playing festivals is that you have the opportunity to play to a massive audience that may not have necessarily heard your music before and it’s a chance to win over some new fans. As I’ve said, everybody is there for a good time and festivals have the right ‘party’ kind of atmosphere. It’s also great that when you’re done playing you have the whole weekend to check out other bands and hang out with friends and get drunk! Bloodstock will be special for us as we played the first ever one back in 2001. Now, to be going back and headlining the Sophie Stage is a great honour. Unfortunately I never remember what’s happened during the backstage shenanigans as they tend to occur when everyone is a bit too inebriated!


ZT:You’ve toured with some pretty big names over the years, who are you most looking forward to seeing/ sharing a stage with over the summer?


BW: Good question! There are so many great bands that we will be playing with this Summer that it’s hard to list them all. Metallica, Slayer, Soundgarden, Ghost, Clutch, Megadeth, King Diamond, Motorhead, Slade, Motley Crue, Saint Vitus, Pentagram………..the list goes on and on! It would be nice to be invited to play the Sunday at Download though, just so we get to see Black Sabbath! I’m just really excited and honoured that we get the chance to do things like this and see old friends, make new ones and have a great time doing what we love!



You can pre-order your copy of ‘A Eulogy for the Damned’ here.


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