GrosstyCalum Harvie gets taken for a ride on a Crocopter – don’t ask – by grindcore goons Grossty

“We incepted listening to all sorts of genres in metal, got muddled and irked. Randomly we confined to grind, punk, crust and black metal. Our major influences are Birdflesh, Cripple Bastards, GG Allin, Wolfbrigade. Apart from bands, nettling corporate fucks, queue jumpers, family fucks, rude bank employees, and so on are our bad influences.”

Meet Grossty – grind crazies who give interviews as unhinged as their new whacked-out full-length Crocopter. They like GG Allin. A lot. Appropriately, then, one could easily describe their music as the soundtrack to a gleeful dirty protest. “If He was alive, we would attend his gigs and get painted by his fecal shower,” they reveal. “[But] it’s impossible for any human scum to channel GG’s spirit. He was the synonym of vulse. Also, musically, he was so fucking talented [that he] did sow his scrotum for hardcore punk and grind. But GG would not even have given a fuck about Grossty. What would he?”

They hail from Bangalore, a city not exactly renowned for its grind scene. “[It] is dreary,” they reckon. “We got few kickslats bands like Xrepeatx and Nauseate. The thing is, we got [a] handful of grind bands with nigh same members ‘cuz very few guys got grind lust. It’s good, albeit, ‘cuz hipsters getting into grind scene is akin to impotent, mammoth bellied corporate fuck bridegrooms demanding oodles of dowry to ejaculate their futile splooge.”

Debut album is called Crocopter, which is…er…? “We guys are paramours of cralies, komodos, crocs and so on. Once our former primary vocalist came up with an idea to compose a series of tracks about crocs and we ended up writing ‘Crocopter’, ‘Deathroll’ and ‘Saltie’. Also, Crocopter sounds too normal. It’s a pretty decent album. We couldn’t spend a bomb on recording, mix and master ‘cuz our grannies incinerated all of our wealth in shopping adult pads and pig-squeal laden deathcore CDs.”

Crocopter is out on Transcending Obscurity Records

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