Costa Rica’s death metal fiends INSEPULTO, who started originally back in 1994 but were put on hiatus almost immediately, are about to release their debut full-length album “Morbid Spawn of Resurrection” via Poland’s Pscyho Records. The material is due out later this year and reportedly perfectly showcases the band’s ability to deal in 90’s influenced sonic madness, raging from pummeling doom metal to fast and crushing death metal.


Insepulto issued ZT with the following statement about the album: “Based on the heaviness of the old British style, mixing some of the early North American intensity, all enshrouded in an evil atmosphere, this album will appeal to all those head bangers who think that today’s underground scene is saturated with clone bands.
Sound-wise, we wanted this album to sound different, to have it’s own dynamics and nuances. In one word: character. Music-wise, we wanted it to be an intense listen, a quick but massive beating of your senses. And we think we have accomplished both goals”.


“Morbid Spawn of Resurrection”, featuring great cover artwork by Chilean underground artist Daniel Selfdesecrator, will be available soon. The song “Misanthropic” is available for streaming HERE.

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