In The WoodsMasters of the morning mist, antennas to other worlds and purveyors of psychedelic frost, In The Woods… are back! Having signalled their return since August 2014, In The Woods… have made waves again by signing to the outstanding Debemur Morti Productions for a new album in 2015.


In August, In The Woods… facebook page read: “Some of the trees have decided to rear their ugly heads once again, with a battle plan including the recording of a two album concept. This was allready back in 1999 ready for completion but for obvious reasons was left behind after the bands decision to discontinue In the Woods… Later this month the members will get together, rehearsing, working and polishing and use the time needed to ensure perfection and highest level of quality needed to continue the In The Woods… legacy. Part one of two is today planned to be recorded in 2015.”


Today, 11 November 2014, the plan was announced. In The Woods… (that is, their 2014 reincarnation which includes old members C:M. Botteri on bass, X. Botteri on guitars, and Anders Kobro on the drums; as well as new members vocalist Tommy Sebastian Halseth and guitarist Stein Roger Sordal) are making a pact with Debemur Morti Productions. “After in depth talks it felt natural that this collaboration had to happen” the press release states.


Obviously excited, drummer A. Kobro comments: “In The Woods… is both proud and happy to be so fortunate to sign a deal with such a great record label as Debemur Morti Productions. We are super excited to finally continue doing what we love to do and we will do so with more enthusiasm and creativity than ever before. That In The Woods… now is so fortunate to be able to work with such a dedicated label as Debumur Morti Productions is for us a privelegium. For In The Woods…, having the confidence and security that our future works will be taken care of by gentlemen who share the passion and love of the art of music as we do is of the utmost importance. And all this from which was, that did become again! We raise the horns up high and shout loud SKÅL!”

Vocalist T. S. Halseth adds : ” We have been contacted by many interested record labels after we announced our return, many of those established and well respected, but now we have found a place to call home in Debemur Morti Productions. Thanks to everyone who has offered advice and shown support on our path to this decision. Debemur Morti has shown us that they have a burning passion first and foremost for the art and the music. They have the right attitude and drive, and they have proven that they are willing to make an effort when it comes to making each release under the Debemur Morti banner special in its own way. This is the right home for… In The Woods…”


From their headquarters, the people at Debemur Morti seem equally thrilled. “The band is currently busy polishing what is soon to become another milestone in their history. Debemur Morti Productions is honoured and pleased to plant the seeds of a new dimension in conspiracy with In The Woods…”


No-one knows what the album will sound like, but those who know the band, know that In The Woods… never compromise the quality of their releases. So whether you prefer the coldness of Heart Of The Ages, the heavy colours of Omnio or the warmth of Strange In Stereo, rejoice!

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