Singaporean deathlords Impiety, in unison with Hell’s Headbangers Records, have announced their plans for an ‘Impious Crusade’, a mini-album 22 minutes/5-tracks in length. Dubbed by the label as “flawless execution, black/death barbarity and insanity, a veritable thermonuclear warhead aimed at the gates of heaven”, the hordes can surely expect some more trademark tunes of war.


Goatking Shyaithan comments: “Mission accomplished, and honestly really satisfied with how this record turned out! The Impious Crusade is a giant leap ahead from the last Impiety album, and to top this one is going to be severely difficult. But that is what I enjoy most, and shall continue to further challenge myself pushing wider, deeper, and even further beyond boundaries of untamed death and chaos.”


The mini-album is due out August 6 – the band’s first in league with HHR.





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