Following singer/guitarist Abbath’s departure there had been radio silence from the Immortal camp. Now the remaining members of the Norwegian black metallers (and founders of Blashyrkh) break this silence with the announcement of an upcoming album.



In October 2014, ex-Immortal singer/guitarist Abbath filed a trademark application for registration of the brand Immortal to Patentstyret (Norwegian Industrial Property Office) without informing the other band members. The band’s core members Horgh (drums) and Demonaz (guitar, lyrics) were forced to seek legal help to counter this. The trademark application from Abbath was denied registered on July 21th, 2015. Abbath has since started his new band, Abbath.

The band comments: “Immortal never stopped, we just had to go through a long legal process before we could go out in the media with the news. Immortal is much more than just a band, and much more then just a form of music. The departure of one member cannot change that, no matter. We will continue what we believe in, and the power of “Blashyrkh” shall live on.”

Demonaz, founding member of Immortal, has been creating material based on his visions of Blashyrkh for nearly 25 years and he vows to do the same for the upcoming, yet untitled album. Some new songs, which are set to be included on the next album, are Northern Chaos Gods, Called To Ice and Blacker Of Worlds.


What remains to be seen is who the bass player will be and, more importantly, whether Demonaz will return on the guitar…

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