Ihsahn has confirmed the release date for his fourth  record ‘Eremita’ as June 18th for Europe and June 19th for North America. It seems that Candlelight’s hand was forced into the confirmation due to some of the information regarding the release, being leaked by Amazon UK earlier in the week.


However, the news couldn’t be more welcome for fans of the former Emperor front-man, in fact for fans of heavy music in general, because Ihsahn has amassed a stellar line-up of personnel to contribute to the record. Devin (Hevy Devy) Townsend providing vocals (no doubt repaying in kind for Ihsahn’s contribution, to  Dev’s 2011 album, ‘Deconstruction’) is just one of the guest appearances that make ‘Eremita’ such a deliciously mouth-watering prospect. Other guest appearances include ex-Nevermore guitarist Jeff Loomis, drummer Tobias Ornes Andersen and vocalist Einar Solberg of Leprous, saxophonist Jorgen Munkeby (Shining-Norway), Einar Solberg, and Heidi S. Tveitan (StarofAsh) all of whom should have you rubbing your mitts together in anticipation!


A talented multi-instrumentalist, it seems Ihsahn has tried to expand on even his broad musical spectrum with ‘Eremita’ and is clearly happy with the fruits of his labour, “This is right where I want to be musically, with lots of room for dynamics and expressive variety. Tobias and Jorgen have really added to the organic vibe I was going for and have contributed to the overall feel with their fantastic musicianship. And to have Devin, Jeff, Einar and Heidi adding their special moments, I am very privileged to be able to work with such a talented group of people. I really feel this is some of my most inspired work yet.”


The confirmed track listing for ‘Eremita’ is below for both the standard CD and a limited edition deluxe digibook, featuring an exclusive bonus tenth track, ‘Recollection’.


1. ‘Arrival’
2. ‘The Paranoid’
3. ‘Introspection’
4. ‘The Eagle And The Snake’
5. ‘Catharsis’
6. ‘Something Out There’
7. ‘Grief’
8. ‘The Grave’
9. ‘Departure’
10. ‘Recollection’ (deluxe edition only)


Watch the album teaser, to wet your appetites for ‘Eremita’


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