Poland’s avant-garde metal ensemble Iblis have set March 10th as the release date of their debut full-length album “Menthell” through Death To Music Productions. It will be available in two versions: as a free download via the labels’s website: Death To Music Productions (www.deathtomusic.com), and a limited edition digipack. Get ready for a hypnotic mix of avant-garde and progressive metal in the vein of DHG, Lux Occulta, Ephel Duath, Atrophia Red Sun, Bogus Blimp and Ved Buens Ende.


Guitarist Borsuk has issued ZT with the following statement: “This record is simply a projection of our fucked-up minds. Mixture of four different attitudes completely careless of any genres and so called scene. And yet you may still call it metal! Expect strange rhythms, mad howls and blast beats! For the fans of Twin Peaks, Silent Hill and Roland Topor!”


Your “Mental hell” sightseeing itinerary:
1. White Claudia
2. 12 Sycamores
3. Menthell
4. Poison In Your Food
5. Don’t Eat My Legs
6. Origin
7. Bill Skins Fifth


Meanwhile, the band has made their second demo available for download via D.T.M. Productions. “Nuklear Rock’n’roll” dates back to 2008 and it represents a slightly different style than the present-day Iblis. Nevertheless, to quote the head of Death To Music, it is a good starting point for those who want to get familiar with the Krakow-based foursome. You can download “Nuklear Rock’n’roll” at THIS LOCATION.


Click HERE for more information on the band.

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