Hatebreed’s frontman Flies Solo

Jamey Jasta is known for many things he’s the ringleader and vocalist for Hatebreed who released their self-titled album in 2009. He went off to pursue a side project he calls Kingdom Of Sorrow who has gone on to release two full-length albums their most recent being “Behind the Blackest Tears” (2010) via Relapse Records. Besides that he’s the owner of Stillborn Records and has his own clothing line called Hatewear and this guy still doesn’t think that’s enough. He’s made guest appearances on various albums with such bands as Winds Of Plague, The Acacia Strain, Napalm Death, Terror, Straight Line Stitch, etc.But now Jasta has decided to fly solo this coming summer. Whilst his main act Hatebreed will be participating in some dates on the fourth edition of the Mayhem Festival as well as his other project Kingdom Of Sorrow will also be doing Jasta has set some time aside to work on his first ever solo album. Jasta says “The album is basically songs I’ve written over the last 2-3 years that didn’t fall into any sort of set category as far as genre. I guess you could say it has elements of metal, hard rock, hardcore and punk in it, but it’s kind of a wide variety of tunes. I just had fun with it and I did some collaboration and co-wrote some stuff which was fun. Hopefully it’ll come out in June of this year!” His solo album titled “Jasta” will be hitting home this June so expect the unexpected from all in one man Mr. Jamey Jasta.

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