Greece’s Lloth joined Zero Tolerance with a track on issue 076’s covermount CD, and a fine one it was too. Following on from that, we crossed wires with the band and learned that new album Athanati was a literal labour of love.

“Tristessa of Astarte founded Lloth in 1995, and later [the band] Astarte. Lloth released one LP – [the demo] Dancing In The Dark Lakes Of Evil – in 1997. After the renaming of Lloth to Astarte, the former was then re-activated in the summer of 2013, and the band [got busy] preparing for a new record in the black/death style. Due to Tristessa’s illness everything stopped. Maria is now gone from this world and the members of Lloth will honour her by continuing the legacy in her memory.”

And that is exactly what Greece’s Lloth have done with the release of Athanati. “Athanati is dedicated to my wife Maria Tristessa Kolokouri, the leader of Astarte who passed away two years ago. Most of the lyrics of the songs speak about my emotion about my loss; either pain or anger. I prefer not label our music, but it is black/death with many music influences.”

Some of you will have encountered the band with the track of the same name as the album that featured on issue 076’s covermount CD. Why did the band select this particular track to introduce ZT’s audience to the band? “It is the most emotional song of the album and represents all our feelings as a band. There is a variety to [this] song’s style – others are more in the death or black metal style with melodic elements.”

Athanati is a self-released album, so how did it all come together for them? “All the recordings took place in a pro studio; guitars, bass, vocals at Cosmos of Void studio, and the drums were recorded at Esoteron studio at Athens. The mix and the mastering [were completed] at the well-known Tico Tico studio (Sentenced, Nightfall, Sonata Arctica, Astarte etc.) in Finland.” The band are proud to mention that they attracted participation from some well-known artists from the Greek scene, among those is one Sakis ‘Necromayhem’ Tolis (Rotting Christ, Thou Art Lord). Sakis contributed guest vocals for the track ‘Emptiness’.

And as for the band’s future plans? “The goal is to make music that stands in time and know fans from all over the world.” And it seems that even with this new album Athanati there’s no slowing down for Lloth: “Soon we will start the pre-production for another album.”

Band name: Lloth
Formed: 1995 originally, re-established in 2013
Origin: Greece
Current release: Athanati
Track featured on issue 076‘s covermount CD: ‘Athanati’

Lloth is:
Nicolas Maiis: Vocals
Vaelor: Guitars
Setesh: Guitars/ Back Vox
Acheron: Bass
Yngve: Drums (Session)

Connect with Lloth:

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