Occult DM fold Grave Miasma are putting the finishing touches to their highly anticipated debut album at London’s renowned Orgone Studios.  ZT asked producer Jaime Gomez Arellano for a progress report on ‘Odori Sepulcrorum’:


“The drum recording consisted of using a hybrid kit, kick drums, toms, floor toms and snare are from different kits. We used a massive ’80s Sonor snare drum. As for microphones, the usual I use, a combination of high end vintage, classic and modern microphones. Lots of ambiance mics to capture more of a natural drum sound.


“The guitars are pretty heavy. I’m using some pretty unusual pedals and also some unusual vintage amps (for extreme metal) like a Sunn Model T and Fender Twin Reverb. We’re focusin on getting a really dark atmosphere throughout the record.


“We’ll be mixing all analog into 1/4 inch tape. So far we’re all very happy with the recording, we have vocals left to do as well as many layers of of many keyboards and other ethnic instruments.


“As for the music itself, the band has taken their sound to the next levels in terms of composition. It’s brutal, dark, and very interesting.”

The record is scheduled for release shortly before the band’s Sepulchral Doom Over Europe tour with Necros Christos, September 28th – October 12th.

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