Sepuku are a recently formed, London-based, ‘old skool deth metal’ act making themselves heard in the capital’s underground. No demo has been released as of yet, though, rehearsal and live recording can be found online. Recent powerful live rituals have impressed and we decided to have a wee chat with the youngsters.


1. Tell us about the formation of the band. What led you to pick Sepuku as a band-name?


We were friends with a mutual interest in extreme metal that got together and jammed, but it took awhile to find our sound. we couldn’t relate to what a lot of modern death metal bands were doing. As for the name, its gory but not typically death metal, and its one word so it stands out a bit, unlike a lot of modern bands. It also intrigues people since many people don’t know what it means.


2. Who are your main influences?


everything from motorhead to repulsion. Whisky also helps


3. I understand a debut demo is in the works. How are you planning to record it?


We don’t have a set plan but we have plenty of access to recording studios so we should have something out there in the next month or so.


4. Your live performances are known to be of the most old-school fashion. Was this planned or does it come naturally to you?


We don’t concentrate on being an old school band tho we do certainly draw influences from that style of music, so I guess it comes naturally, but really we just bang our fucking heads man!


5. You list ‘booze, metal, old skool!’ and ‘Morbid! Suicidial Drink-ing!’ as ‘band interests’. Are you piss-heads indeed or piss-heads in need?


Well, we do like a drink…


6. You call your followers Sepukunts? What made you choose this pet-name? Why was ‘Sepukunts’ chosen above other obvious alternatives such a ‘Sepuscum’, ‘Sepukuchen’ and/or ‘Sepukurbashers’?


Twisted Sister had ‘Sick Motherfucking Friends of Twisted Sister’ so we thought we’d affectionately term our fans as ‘Sepukunts’. That and the fact that we’re always thinking of c**t.


7. Besides of a potentially debut release, what’s next for you lot?


Playing more gigs and spreading the filth! UGH!!!


Thanks for the Interview!

Sepuku are confirmed to perform on Friday the 20th of May at the Grosvenor in Stockwell, alongside with Maw, Cythraul and Disfago.


Check out Sepuku’s:



Thanks for dropping in!

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