Former Obituary/Massacre guitarist Allen West has been arrested in a rather ridiculous series of events that ultimately led to the discovery of a meth lab within his household.  According to Florida’s Tri-County Sun Times, West called local law authorities in late-March to report that two male subjects had kicked in the front door to his house, prompting West to run out and hide in the nearby woods.


When authorities arrived at his residence, West specifically requested that they search the premises, including his house, to make sure that the home-invaders had left and were not still hiding.  Once the house was entered, the authorities “discovered in the master bedroom and bathroom plastic soda bottles with tubing protruding from them. The bottles also had a wet white pasty substance in the bottles and on the bathroom and bedroom counters. These items are commonly used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine.”  Further investigating led law officials to discover certain items that had been placed in a cooler for safe-keeping, possibly to be hidden as well.  When questioned, West denied possession of the items and stated that “They were cooking it,” but acknowledged that he had produced and consumed methamphetamines recently.


Following this line of questioning, a search warrant was issued and executed, resulting in the discovery of “ammonium nitrate, sodium hydroxide (AKA “Drano”), a corrosive acid, lithium strips and other items commonly used to produce methamphetamine.”  West was arrested and held on a $40,000 bond, and is currently in the Sumter County, FL detention center, according to Lambgoat.

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