Poland’s experimental metal band FORGOTTEN SOULS have set October 29th as the release date of their fourth studio album “Sirius 12” via Danish Mighty Music and are ready to present their energetic fusion of black industrial and avant-garde worldwide.


The band issued ZT with the following statement: “Our newest work should be viewed as a cloistered entirety that takes the listener on a trip into the dark abyss of the universe. Stylistically we keep the usual Forgotten Souls direction and follow the path of experiment and unimpeded passion for creating music. We don’t limit ourselves in any way. It’s all about heavy sound and industrial-syntetic vibes but you’ll sure find progressive stuff and other musical stylings there as well. The lyrics are strongly narcotic, dealing with the cosmos and the mythological end of the word.
If you dig unconventionality, this one is for you!”


The trackilisting:
1. Intro
2. The Flight
3. Nowhere Here
4. Signals
5. Can’t Resist
6. The Black Tzar
7. Na Horyzoncie
8. Sirius 12
9. The Sum Of All Suns
10. Nobody
11. Willow Green
12. Hope
13. Outro


A few songs from the album are available for streaming on the band’s official MySpace page.

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