For those who like it dark, Cryo Chamber are set to release collaborative multi-artist H.P. Lovecraft tribute album.

Dark ambient label Cryo Chamber are releasing a two-hour dark soundscape album recorded by over 20 ambient artists to pay tribute to H.P. Lovecraft. The two-CD album comes in a Deluxe 20-page hard cover DigiBook. Artwork is served on matte laminated pages that makes the colours deep and preserved. Journal written by Donald Persson (Codex, Shub-Niggurath), with Hastur – A Cyro Chamber Collaboration releasing on December 17, 2019.

The label is keen to stress that Hastur is not a compilation, rather a collaboration – and huge undertaking. Over 20 artists linked studios and sound for over a year so that they could work with each other, leading to a deep collaborative exploration of the Mythos and Hastur.

Written, Produced, Performed collaboratively:
Atrium Carceri
Mount Shrine
Dead Melodies
Flowers for Bodysnatchers
Ruptured World
Ager Sonus
Dronny Darko
Dahlias Tear
God Body Disconnect
Council of Nine
Kolhoosi 13
Creation VI
Sphäre Sechs

Purchase the album here:

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