Embrace Of Thorns - Hellish and Hellenic.

Featured Releases: Teitanblood! Embrace of Thorns!

Embrace Of Thorns - Hellish and Hellenic.Premier underground black/death label Nuclear Winter has redeployed two WMDs from its arsenal of unstoppable sounds. Greek death metal titans Embrace of Thorns had their 2009 offering “Atonement Ritual” re-released via tape this week in limited quantites (200 copies!). These God-hammering Athenians are sure to remind you of death metal’s real purpose as they bludgeon you with wave upon wave of cavernous, tremolo-tainted evil – no more synthetic major label shit! When was the last time you heard a a proper riff (careful how you answer that one)?! “Nemesis Of Impurity” and “Tombs of The Desecrated Zealots” will give you the beating you deserve. New wave of old Swedish death metal? No. Just old-school, RITUAL DM – hear it the proper way – from a tape deck! Here’s another one for you: often touted as one of Spain’s sickest musical offerings, Teitanblood’s “Black Putrescence Of Evil”, features all of their¬† early abominations and demo material – re-released on CD due to high demand. Not wanting to give in to the clamour about this band, I admit that it took me a while to appreciate their infernal attacks and lo-fidelity output. Got Seven Chalices? Take a morbid leap into Teitanblood’s early years and see if you can keep your food down. Many bands make laughable claims about the evil of their sound…I’ll vouch for this collection of chaos and cacophony as a genuine monstrosity – even if it’s only CD! Explore these vile creations and make sure you check back for more! Both available from the Nuclear Winter bunker – Respect!!

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