FEATURED BAND: Darkness from the promised land…Sonne Adam

Israel, the home of Jesus, what better a place for the most prominent darkness to spring forth from in these recent years? The serpent in the garden of Eden, Sonne Adam are set to make a name for themselves having recently signed to Century Media after gaining widespread acclaim from their debut 7″ EP Armed With Hammers. With a second unholy assault already loaded, Sonne Adam will be crusading alongside the likes of Necros Christos, Teitanblood and Negative Plane for an absolution of mental clarity in 2011. The Sun is Dead, Sonne Adam’s second EP will be released by Imperium Productions in the very near future. After that, only Satan knows the plans for these blasphemers, but with their own take on occult Death Metal the path undoubtedly already set. Preview the tracks of darkness at the Sonne Adam myspace here: http://www.myspace.com/sonneadam

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