Featured Band: Anima Morte make the nightmare a reality

If you like music that is drenched in atmosphere and terror, that shatters like breaking glass through the speakers and groans like a horde of hungry zombies passing into your living room, then Anima Morte are for you. ‘We have used the tagline “Vintage Italian Horror Music from Sweden”’, points out main-man Fredrik Klingwall. ‘Our inspiration is mainly the soundtracks of Italian zombie and horror movies, so if you are into the music of Goblin and Fabio Frizzi there is a good chance you will dig what Anima Morte is about.’


With more Fulci, Lenzi and Romero references than you can shake a flamethrower at, Klingwall explains there is little change in direction with new album, ‘The Nightmare Becomes Reality’, from their 2010 debut, influence-wise at least; ‘We are still very much into the classic zombie and giallo titles like Suspiria, Beyond, Tenebre, and perhaps some more obscure movies.’

Still, the band are keen to play around and embrace that progressive ethos. ‘I guess the songs are in a way more complex this time around. With the new album we went a bit deeper experimenting with sounds, rare instruments and plain old weird effects. For example an echoplex which is a great old delay unit that can take sounds very far into strange places! Anyway we still try to keep a strong musical theme in every song. Even though we are stuck in time we try to move forward which seem as a contradiction!’


The new album is released today via Transubstans Records; their first effort for the label. ‘Transubstans got interested in Anima Morte when we contacted them regarding distribution of some of our titles in their mailorder. Since they have a quite specialized niche in the prog scene we felt we would be in good hands, and they have done a great job so far.’


Check out the band at for samples, to order the album and visit for sneak-peaks at the recording sessions!


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