Lord Randall adds 11 Paranoias to his ever-growing list.


“It was a good idea that got better as we made it our own reality. We all agreed on the basic idea and flew with it straight away…way further that we imagined for our initial get-together” Thus speaketh Adam Richardson (formerly of Ramesses) when questioned about that fateful 11/11/11 jam sesh with Bong’s Mike Vest and former drummer Mark Greening (also Ramesses/Electric Wizard) that gave birth to the psych/doom triumvirate known as 11 Paranoias. As big a cult phenomenon as Ramesses were, one wonders if its last rites were intoned by the birth of 11P. “No, the final nail in the coffin was when Mark had to leave both Ramesses and 11 Paranoias due to his sudden Electric Wizard commitments. Despite several pleas to keep Ramesses alive, I really did not want to continue the name as the only original member with an endless carousel of musicians – that would be ridiculous.” Despite the unbridled heaviness inherent in a melding of the members of the aforementioned bands, Superunnatural reveals influences of the space-rock variety that lurk barely below the surface. “We were – and still are – ‘in search of space,’ both inner and outer,” reveals the bassist/vocalist, “so we want the music to be more free and un-tethered to a narrow style or universe. But it’s a more savage psych…and a more terrifying trip.”

And of those unexpected influences, namely Hawkwind and the criminally underrated Loop, Adam is none too shy in his adoration: “Loop are a very special band who surmise a timeless mood and worship of dystopic psychedelia that cannot be touched by any other. I’m surprised they’re not everyone’s favourite band and more of an influence on more. I have lost and rebuilt my mind to a Loop soundtrack on numerous occasions and have seen such sights…” And as for Hawkwind, pray tell? “For me, it’s got to be In Search Of Space, as it was the first dose I received and the best, as well as Doremi Fasol Latido…c’mon, man – this is like listing your favourite beers and weed!” Included with the CD version of  Superunnatural is the very birth of the band – yes, the psychodelic, chimera-like muse in travail, spread-legged and bleeding afterbirth across your headspace. For Adam, ‘twas important to include these: “Just wanted to release/reveal what happened the first time we got in a room together with too much amplification and too many vivid dreams and pressed ‘record.’ It’s a hark back to the days of tape-trading when bands would release rehearsal tapes recorded live to trade with other bands and fans. It’s a psych smash in the face at the end…’ave it!”



[origin.uk formed.2011 current release.superunnatural current label.ritual productions band url.facebook.com/11Paranoias]


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