Swedish death metal overlords Entombed are preparing a very special night. On Saturday, 1 February 2014, they will perform their classic album Clandestine along with The Gavle Symphony Orchestra and Forsbacka Chamber Choir. The concert takes place in The Gavle Concert Hall.


“The Gavle Symphony Orchestra has created a unique opportunity to perform Clandestine along with Entombed’s original members. It will be an amazing concert with music of a pioneering band that still today continues to be successful.” says The Gävle Symphony Orchestra’s producer Einar Ander.


It must be noted that the Entombed playing in this concert is not the same people who recorded the last Entombed album. As a matter of fact, that band minus Alex Hellid an thus with L.G. Petrov as sole original member, continue under the name Entombed A.D. The reasons behind that schism remain unclear.


The band to perform at the Gavle Concert Hall, then, revolves around original members Alex Hellid (guitar) and Uffe Cederlund (guitar) along with singer Ovar Safstrom (Nirvana 2002 – GODS!).


Alex Hellid says : “We will play Clandestine where Thomas von Wachenfeldt has made orchestral arrangements and it will be the first time that I, Uffe and Orvar will be playing together since the time of Entombed. We are extremely eager to get our heads into the project and the focus is on taking Entombed to a whole new level” and Hellid continues “Since Gavle has opened its arms for Entombed with such an opportunity give us inspiration to, once again, create something unique.”


Supporting acts are Apocalypse Orchestra, Sorcery and Faustus. This brings to mind Entombed’s advances to ballet with 2005’s Unreal Estate.

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