Endstille infekt with new album

Endstille release their seventh album ‘Infektion 1813’ on May 17th. This will be their first release for new label, Season Of Mist, having released their last album in 2009 via Regain.

The band comment on the relationship with SOM; ‘We’re satisfied to get reinforcements now by our new comrades of Season of Mist. They already proved to be a successful label in the past. So we know that our new brothers in arms can give us enough support for being finally at war with all.’

Tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Anomie
  2. Trenchgoat
  3. Bloody H (The Hurt-Gene)
  4. The Deepest Place in Earth
  5. When Kathaaria Falls
  6. Satanarchie
  7. World Aflame
  8. Wrecked
  9. Endstille (Völkerschlächter)



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