Dublin’s bestial upstarts ZOM are set to perform at the Dublin Day Of Death on the 31st of March 2012. ZT had a few words with the death merchants.


ZT: Please briefly introduce the readers to ZOM. What lies behind the band-name?


SABBAC: ZOM are a three piece death metal band, based in Dublin, taking influence from the old school.


ZT: You list the anti-cosmic and satanic as lyrical themes. Would you consider yourself Satanists, if so, what ideology/philosophy, if any, do you follow


SABBAC: No, I would see myself more as a realist. I do not care for organised religion in any shape or form.


SODOMANIAC: Religion is a plague and it should be eradicated.


CHTHON: I consider myself a Satanist in terms of the concept of self worship. You are the only God, and you are the only source of power in your world.


ZT: How did you record the demo? Are you happy with the release?


SABBAC: The music was done in one day, all live to maintain the atmosphere. The vocals and samples were added a week or so after. Then there was a small amount of…unmixing.


ZT: What are your thoughts on today’s UK/Eire metal scene as a whole?


SODOMANIAC: With regards death metal I think there are more bands in the UK than Ireland right now. Most of the death/black metal bands here don’t really interest me whereas there are more bands in the UK playing the style I want to hear.


SABBAC: There are very few bands that interest me within the Irish metal scene to be honest, with the notable exceptions of Wreck of the Hesperus, Lethiferous and Fuil na Seanchoille.


ZT: Zom are playing the Dublin Day Of Death. Are you looking forward to the gig? What are your thoughts on the lineup/event?


SODOMANIAC: The event should lead to more quality DM/BM bands coming to Ireland.


ZT: How did the deal with Invictus come about?


SABBAC: Darragh was already familiar with our previous bands and took an interest when he heard about ZOM. He saw us live a couple of times and expressed interest in releasing a tape for us. That was pretty much it.


ZT: What’s next for Zom?


SABBAC: We will continue. We will record and play gigs.


SODOMANIAC: We will release a 7” in the coming months and tour wherever we can leaving a wake of destruction and burnt cum.




The ZT sponsored Dublin Day Of Death, organized by Into The Void Records (Dublin’s premium underground metal and tattoo merchant), is headlined by Germany’s Necros Christos. The bill also features London’s Scythian plus Limerick’s Zealot Cult. The ceremony will take place at the aptly named The Pint in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, on the 31st of March. Join the event’s page HERE.


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