Dread Sovereign: New Track Release, “Thirteen Clergy to the Flames”


Fans of Primordial, you are welcomed here. Expect not the heathen crusades of old, but instead, the combined curiosity of occultism, paired with religious history.
Nemtheanga (Alan Averill): The powerfully haunting man, with the voice of a tortured soul, has unleashed his born dead brainchild in the form of Dread Sovereign, supported by Dubh SOL (Primordial) on drums, and Bones (Zom/Wizards) on guitar. “This is just straight forward metal from the gut,” explained Averill. “It’s uncomplicated instinct without politics or democracy.”
He says that, but we just think he’s being modest. Listeners will undoubtedly see there is so much more that he’s not telling us.
Zero Tolerance had the chance to pick Averill’s brain on the new track release,”Thirteen Clergy to the Flames,” and what their fans can come to expect from Dread Sovereign.


ZT: How do you intend Dread Sovereign to differ from Primordial? What are your expectations, and vision for this band?
Nemtheanga:  It’s entirely different. I’m writing all the music, lyrics etc. the imagery and aesthetic are completely mine. I suppose we can call it, to all intents and purposes, my baby. Primordial has much more red tape, takes longer to get the wheels in motion, as people live far away and lives are more complicated.


Dread Sovereign is more a mental hit and run for me. I try not to second guess anything, and trust my instinct. It has its own feel and sound but I’m not remotely worried about it being particularly original, or about whatever criticisms people might throw at me. At this stage in my musical career, this is just straight forward metal from the gut….It’s uncomplicated instinct without politics or democracy.


“Thirteen Clergy to the Flames”
ZT: Through the lyrical imagery, what sort of message are you hoping to portray? What has proven your biggest lyrical/musical inspiration?


Nemtheanga: Thirteen Clergy is about the Cathar insurrection in France during the 11th century in the Laungedoc area. It’s quite simply about the first clergy to be burnt at the stake in 1022, at the church of saint Albi, which itself burnt down in the year 666. Basically through the traditional heavy metal lyric and aesthetic structures, I’m dealing with blasphemy, occultism and religion. However, there are no complex metaphors. They are written in an old school kind of way, but with varying serious intent. Too much of modern doom is this hippie occultism. Dread Sovereign stands for something more blasphemous, and far more real, and marries my own lifelong interest in the occult and Satanism with religious history.


ZT: Can you recall anything particularly memorable from the recording process?


Nemtheanga: It was all done life in a couple of hours, one by one. No fucking around, no messing about and no bullshit. All playing together in the one room. Mainly first takes. Done the old school way. I’m never going to spend days in the studio again, it was good enough for Venom, this is good enough for me.


ZT: What we can be expected from Dread Sovereign in the near future?


Nemtheanga: There are plans. the 12″ through Roadburn Records, and hopefully following that a few more split releases. Possibly another 12″ and then at some stage after the summer, an album. Gigs hopefully here and there, where we can. The whole thing moves fast as, I have nothing to hold me back but myself. Whether it burns brightly and then fades away, remains to be seen, but I don’t fuck around, and I don’t hang about, so this year should see quite a few things happening.


Dread Sovereign will make their first live appearance on Friday,  April 19, 2013 at Roadburn Festival @ Het Patronaat (Tilburg, Holland).


Dread Sovereign is:

Nemtheanga: Vocals, Bass

Dubh SOL: Drums

Bones: Guitar

Thanks for dropping in!

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