Beer city death metal core Dr. Shrinker reanimate without the help of Herbert West after 22 short years. The other side has been most patient, and you know what they say – keep your friends close, and your band mates even closer… Do they say that?


Underground? Cassettes? Snail mail? Remember tape trading in ‘89? If you do, it’s been quite a journey to where you are sitting right now, reading this, life cycles. The band cites the call of sonic energies and the possibility of new listeners as motives for appearing once again. The music’s always new to somebody right?


2014 will mark the 25th anniversary of the band’s Wedding The Grotesque demo, and they will be performing on Nov 8 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Stonefly with Chicago’s Cardiac Arrest, Absu, False, and a couple dozen others as part of the November Coming Fire Fest.


As Fenriz said recently on his Band Of The Week page: “Their ‘The Eponym’ demo was especially influential on us (I still DJ it).”


Well, maybe all you need to know is that Dr. Shrinker is back, together, living in the same area; they might write some new stories, so keep yer good eye on… or ear.


Thanks for dropping in!

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