Dissection singer’s bizarre legacy revealed…

Polish label Metal Mind have exhumed the hidden legacy of Dissection vocalist Jon Nödtveidt (RIP 2006) by re-releasing a dark ambient record  he pressed in 1996. Two-man project De Infernali was started by Nödtveidt with Damien Midvinter after he developed an interest in the genre and began to experiment with electronic music. Their debut (and only) offering, Symphonia De Infernali was recorded and mixed by Dan Swäno (Therion, Marduk, Opeth, Katatonia) and released via Nuclear Blast in 1997, to the shock of many Dissection fans – The duo disbanded shortly afterwards.  Metal Mind had the album remastered using tube technology and digitally edited on a golden disc. The album is set for a digipak release limited to 2000 copies on October 7 in Europe and December 7 in the US (via MVD). For more information visit www.metalmind.pl

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