Norway’s tech death metal heads DISKORD have recently celebrated the release of their long awaited second full-length “Dystopics” at Club Unholy in Oslo. The album was issued via No Posers Please! and comprises of twelve tracks of what is said to be doomy old school death metal intertwining with fast and slow diversified sounds to create the absolute meltdown of your senses and ultimately guiding you to the innermost reptilian part of your brain.


The band’s vocalist and bassist Eyvind told Zero Tolerance it’s been a long way to get there: “This album has been a long time coming. If my memory serves me correctly, the first song was written around 2007, the same year the ‘Doomscapes’ (our debut album) came out. After that, we have spent lots of time writing, arranging and rehearsing the songs for ‘Dystopics’. All three of us have participated in the writing process, typically more or less writing complete songs before presenting them to the rest of the band. Then we work out the arrangements at our the rehearsal space, and if everything goes well, we have a new Diskord tune.
We have also spent quite a lot of time on the lyrics for the album. Lyrically, ‘Dystopics’ deals with issues such as alienation, fear, frustration and confusion, both on a personal level but also with regards to modern-day society as a whole.
The recording was done in 2010, in Subsonic Society studios right here in Oslo, by Erik Rasmussen (also known from Abominat, Deject, Forcefed Horsehead). The recording went smoothly, and we achieved what in my ears is a very organic and brutal sound, but mixing and mastering took some time, hence release as late as 2012. I think that this process has been a learning experience for the band, and hopefully there won’t be another 5 years between ‘Dystopics’ and our next release!
My personal feeling is that this album, in terms of musical expression, is a natural successor to 2007’s ‘Doomscapes’. However, this record is, in my opinion, a little more coherent than our previous outing. Don’t get me wrong, though, there is still plenty of outright weird shit, as you have probably come to expect from Diskord, but still, to me, the album feels more like a single entity compared to the last one.
At the moment, we are busy writing new songs and preparing for our forthcoming European tour with the mighty Execration”.


1. Entropic Death
2. Overseer (stream available HERE)
3. Epochal
4. Tremble
5. Woebegoneness
6. Ambisinistral
7. Psychotic Process
8. As the Circus leaves the Galaxy
9. Rambling Words from a sore Throat
10. Metamorphosis
11. Godsends and Hellbents
12. Primitive Doom

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