DHGBlack metal’s strangest, DHG (formerly known as Dødheimsgard) break their 7 years of silence with a new album. The Norwegians’ fifth opus is titled A Umbra Omega and is set to storm heaven and earth on 16 March 2015 via Peaceville Records.

Formed in 1994, Dødheimsgard began as a black metal band – so black metal, in fact, that Fenriz handled the bass for their first album. By the time Satanic Art EP saw the light of day in 1998, the band had transformed into a radioactive beast, incorporating electronic beats, samples, atonal music and completely twisted song structures in their black metal prism.

Dødheimsgard changed their name to DHG in 2007 for the release of Supervillain Outcast – their only recording not featuring Aldrahn but instead Khvost (Beastmilk, Hexvessel) on vocals.

DHG are still spearheaded by founding member, guitar legend Vicotnik, who has composed the music and produced A Umbra Omega. The new album sees the return of other founding member, legendary vocalist Aldrahn! Here’s how the press release reads:

“The first fruits of DHG’s re-animated labour manifest in the shape of new studio album, A Umbra Omega, with original co-founding member Aldrahn (ThornsThe Deathtrip) making a return to the asylum on vocal duties alongside Vicotnik’s exquisite and unconventional compositions and structures.”

Vicotnik comments: “Of course we have been around, stirring up shit in your neighbourhoods, peeking into your windows, but we have not done anything worthwhile artistically since Supervillain Outcast. I rebooted DHG, reshaped it with a dull razor. It was time for a blood-transfusion. Now, here we are, a new band with brand new songs, letting something unconscious and dormant become the conscious and the awake”.



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