Denmark’s Deus Otiosus joined us to discuss a godless existence, and their current full-length release Opposer.

Copenhagen’s Deus Otiosus are a death metal force, and that’s not just mealy-mouthed words, it’s backed up by the excellent track they featured on issue 080’s covermount CD. The Danish five-piece boast previous experience from playing in the likes of Victimizer, Hideous Invasions, Church Bizarre end Exekrator, but having formed as Deus Otiosus in 2005 and with no less than eight releases (that includes four full-length albums) under their collective belts, they’re no newcomers – they’ve surely been together long enough to not have to rely on past glories to sell themselves – so let’s hear from them how they would describe their brand of metal? “The style is perhaps classic death metal, or old-school metal with an offset in death metal. But that is not really what’s most important to us, so anyone is free to give us their label. The important thing is that each song is written with character and memorability. That is the actual the trademark of the band in my opinion.”

Citing a familiar list of candidates as influences – from the likes of Morbid Angel, Deicide, Entombed, Death, Necrophobic, Pestilence, Marduk, Bathory and Dissection, alongside WASP, Judas Priest, King Diamond as influences – not forgetting, of course, non-musical inspiration like Lovecraft and Poe, Nietzsche and Doré, how do the band see themselves when stacked up against their contemporaries? “I am not so sure as of today. I don’t actively seek out new bands to listen to and haven’t really done so since 2005 or something when I gave up. From what I remember the main difference should be that we attempt to write songs that differ from each other and that are memorable. Back then [in 2005], most other bands seemed content simply playing a certain style or having a sound close to a certain band; we don’t do that. But I don’t know if it’s still the case today, perhaps bands have started to write songs again? We still try to write songs with an identity of their own, something that can find a place in the listener’s mind. Each listener can judge if we succeed. Luckily at least some – especially old timers / classic metal listeners – agree. We just try to write the music we would like hear and it’s great when others also get something out of it.”

And lyrically/aesthetically – what’s their shtick? The band name, Deus Otiosus, “basically means withdrawn god. A godless world,” explains their spokesman, “that is the theme of our lyrics. The lyrics deal within everything that goes on in the world without a guiding power that controls behaviour, nature and physics. It’s a world where every mutation or evil is possible.” How does it all come together? “I write a little bit at a time on several songs at a time usually, because every part doesn’t fit every song. And also every part must be good, so it takes a long time for each song. The inspiration must be there. We have never home-recorded much, only parts of our demo. Every album has been recorded in studios; actually, mostly two studios here in Copenhagen called Earplugged and Fast Beat Studio.”

Coming back to the track that was included with issue 080’s covermount CD, why did they select ‘Disturbing The Dead’ to represent themselves? How does it fit in with the rest of the Opposer album? “It differs from the other songs because all the songs differ from each other, and yet there is of course a thread throughout the album – it’s the same band playing, same songwriter. The song itself is about a longing back in history, or other times – other art and other thoughts.” Issue 080’s covermount is streaming here, so check it out for yourselves if you haven’t already at this location:

And the live arena, are they able to take their music out on the road? “We played Copenhagen recently, and the Aalborg Metal Festival in November with Dark Funeral and I Am Morbid. And of course we will announce some more things too.” Other than that, what’s the ultimate plan for the Deus Otiosus? “We are trying to write as good music as we can. Something we wanna hear. And if there are other people who like it too, that is great!”

Check out a second track from the album and watch ‘Kneel’ below:

Band name: Deus Otiosus
Formed: 2005
Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark
Current release: Opposer | Great Dane Records

Deus Otiosus is:

Jesper Holst: Bass
Jesper Olsen: Drums
Henrik Engkjær: Guitars
Peter Engkjær: Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Anders Bo Rasmussen: Vocals

Connect with Deus Otiosus:

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