British death-heads Detrimentum have signed to Deepsend Records, who will be putting out their forthcoming album entitled INHUMAN disgRACE.


Described as “a crushing blend of dark, technical and epic extreme metal with sweeping melodies and tortured doom passages”, the bands sophomore album shall be available via the label and band on Oct 31 2011, and due to hit the shelves next February. It was recorded at Parlour Studio, Kettering with esteemed producer Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir) at the helm.


Guitarist Paul Wilkinson explains how the deal came about; “We sent a copy of the finished album to Deepsend and they seemed blown away by it, describing it as “the kind of quintessential death metal album that Deepsend love”.  We’re ecstatic that Detrimentum has found a home with Deepsend Records and we’re looking forward to the release of INHUMAN disgRACE.”


For album pre-orders, please visit Tour date announcements coming soon.


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