Buy selected death and black metal titles at knock down prices via Century Media Distro’s ‘Death Certificate’ campaign – but only till 30 November 2013.


If you weren’t already aware of this run of special offers via Century Media Distro (which started in September), you’ll need to thank Krisiun for this bit of money-saving news; they helpfully had a news piece on their site about the distro’s ‘Death-Certificate’ campaign. The short of it is that the distro has made a large selection of death and black metal releases available to buy at reduced prices, some lower than others, but reduced across the board all the same.


We won’t list them all here, that would be tedious, but there’s loads to choose from, as you can judge for yourself here. If you want to bag a bargain, you’ll need to do it before the campaign expires on 30 November 2013.

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